It all began around 1330, when the court alchemist ordered the queen Elżbieta Wegierska, the daughter of King Władysław Łokietek, to prepare a spirit-rosemary potion.  The specificity not only smelled deadly (it is considered the first perfume in the world) but it was also suitable for external and internal use.  The queen took it every day, sipping and rubbing the skin and hair or adding it to the bath.  In addition to good health, Elizabeth enjoyed an exceptionally young appearance, which in the musty Middle Ages was rather an exception.  Chroniclers agree that the Queen, who spent almost 60 years on the Hungarian throne, at the end of her life looked at least 20-30 years younger than her record indicated.

We find it in many Mediterranean dishes, in medicines and cosmetics.  There is rosemary in every home in Andalusia.  It is called the fresh breeze of the sea, sea rose and is considered a symbol of faithful love and friendship.

So there was no choice.  Biocleaner must contain rosemary. Especially considering that it has alcohol extract, that does exactly what we need when we prepare the natural eyelashes for application.

Biocleaner has two integral ingredients like Larendogra:

• alcohol that degreases and cleanses eyelashes

• Rosemary extract, which has moisturizing, toning, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

The combination of these ingredients ensures that eyelashes are perfectly prepared for gluing: degreased and moisturized.

Okay so we know almost everything but how to use it to extend life of lash application?

Step 1. Wash client lashes with shampoo

Step 2. Wash shampoo with the warm water

Step 3. Take on micro brush one drop of biocleaner per eye and wipe lashes from both sides top and bottom

step 4. Start lashing

For over 3 years, the biocleaner has been my best friend and it has improved my retention so much!

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