Do you have a problem with your client’s lash retention? Does it seem like the glue has adapted to the atmospheric conditions before applying?

Your client is well prepared in terms of pre-treatment, cleanse and is following the correct aftercare instructions, yet something is still not right but you do not know what?
Ask yourself this.

So has the glue actually adapted according to the conditions? Yes

Do you use a hygrometer? Yes

Where do you keep it and what is the probability that it is a true reading? Aha good question.

If we have a larger hygrometer, we usually keep them on the wall.
Unfortunately on the wall, the conditions are different to those on the bed, under the lamps.
The wall usually has a higher moisture level and is cooler. Same goes for the hygrometer lying on the cabinet next to us.
Again this is incorrect because this is still a different condition to where the client is laying on the bed under the lamps.
Let’s not forget that our lamps give a warmth (and also some of us use two of them at once on both sides of the bed) so there is automatically a little decrease in the moisture and the temperature goes up!
The best solution to this problem is a small hygrometer lying next to our client, on the bed, giving us a true reading, in turn telling us exactly what we need to know when it comes to the temperature and moisture levels that our adhesive need in order to adapt to the atmospheric conditions before application.
I hope this will help you achieve even better longer lasting results when working with the adhesive and a smaller hygrometer ❤


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