Our Qualifications


My Qualifications


2015 Eyelash extension training – Secret Lashes, Poland

2016 Volume Course- with Agata Rucinska Noble Lashes, Poland

2016 Hollywood Effect with Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Star Lash Academy, Poland

2017 Russian Volume VIP course with Joanna Staniul, London Lash Pro,Uk

2017 Lash Lift Course with Agata Rucinska, Noble Lashes, Uk

2017 Russian Volume Course with Ala RIO , Poland

2018 Black Magic Volume with Sabrija Krzyzanska, Noble Lashes, Poland

2018 Mega Volume technique with Daria Ziolkowska, Velvet Lashes, Uk

2018 Lash to lash technique with Sofia Shmatko, She, Uk

2018 Henna Brow course with Eliza Filipowicz, Secret Lashes, Poland

2019  Masterclasses “Perfect Volume” with Anna Agarkova.

2019  Volume masterclasses with Olga Nevmenko.


My Achievements


2019 Lash Games Competition – 3rd place classic expert

2019 Lash Games Competition – 3rd place 2-3d expert

2019 Lash Social UK – 3rd place Expert Classic Lashes

2019 Professional Beauty London, 2nd place (experts classic lashes)

2018 London Lash Battle, 1st place in 2d volume, master category

2018 London Lash Battle, special prize for the best distance from eyelid

2018 Strictly Come Lashes, 3rd place in 3-6 volume, expert category

2018 Lash Bulls, 2nd place in volume experts