Hi everyone!

I don’t post often pictures of myself unless it’s a picture of me with student.

I have so much more time than usual so I thought I would tell you more about myself.
My name is Paulina Zielinska, 31 years old, I am a London Lash Pro trainer and lash artist based in Leeds.

I came to the UK 11 years ago without any qualifications and poor language skills. My first job was in a freezing cold warehouse where I was picking vegetable and fruits for restaurants all on a night shift. It was a really physically hard job but I remember it as a great experience because people around me were fantastic and the atmosphere was great.

After that I stuck for another few years in Moda in Pelle and I always felt that I want o do something different and I knew it has to have been about the beauty. One of the most popular treatments in my country was lash extensions so not thinking too much, I decided to go there and get trained up.

My career in the lash industry started in 2015 and in just 3 years I was able to master classic and Russian volume techniques and being able to share my knowledge and experience to my trainees.

I view eyelash extensions as art and my biggest passion. It is a major part of my life not just a means of sustenance and I want you to feel that energy. I’m also married and have a wonderful son and a dog called Diego.

Apart of lashes I love traveling around the world, the best place I’ve been is Mexico!

Did you know all of that about me?

Find out more on my social medias!

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