We are concentrating on doing these beautiful lash sets with perfect lash lines, even fans. Actually forgetting that the most important thing to run a successful business is to make our clients love us.

At the end of the day, even if you are the best technician in the whole world, but you are not a “people person” or you are just not polite, it means beauty industry is not for You!

Each time when I’m scrolling lash Facebook groups I can see repeated problem that lash technicians are struggling with getting clients or they are losing them. They think that it is because they are too expensive so via promotions, they decrease their price but that is not ideal.

Ok, so let’s sit down for a second and put ourselves in our client’s skin. Do we mind paying more money if we are getting great customer service? I don’t. What kind of experience we are expecting from luxury eyelash appointment and what can put us off?

I want anyone who provide to me any service to care.

Care about me, about my health, about that how I look and what is the best for me.

I want them to make me feel comfortable and happy when I go to see them.

I want them to respect me.

When I understood my needs, that opened my door for me to be able to treat my clients the way I want to be treated.

The way to got there wasn’t the easiest because I am in a foreign country and at the time when I started my own business I didn’t know many people. I knew that it doesn’t matter where you are from, what the colour of your skin, is what background you are representing.




This is how we need to make them feel.

She wants to be for us special, she will appreciate that we remember her stories, names of the kids and pets.

She may know that next door is another lash technician, who is cheaper, and doing better lashes as well, but she still will want to stay with You. She trust You, she know that you would never let her leave your place with stickies.

You would never use on her styling what is not suiting her face.

You are an artist.

You care.

When she walks into your studio she wear flat shoes.

She is just a girl.

But for you she is special, not just a girl.

You see her beauty what is inside and you want to bring It out. You are treating her like each set it’s the best set of your life, you always taking your time too, never rushing because you want her to look beautiful and expensive.

She walks out so confident and happy, with the highest heels on.

You are the one who makes her feel this way.

She don’t want to change You for anyone else because the same way how she is special for you that you are for her.



Price its not a prority for them.

Women pays thousands of pounds for bags, plastic surgeries, diamonds etc.
They don’t care how much your service cost as long as you are giving them something that no one else can give them.


Believe that you are special and be special.
They will see it, they will love you and they will stay with you forever.

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